System Description

3way CO2 01

Smoke Detector ST-960 is designed to monitor the air from cargo holds onboard ships that are protected by a CO2-system.

Samples of air from the protected cargo holds are continuously drawn via sampling pipes into the Smoke Detector by means of a Suction Fan Unit. If smoke appears in the air samples this will be detected and both audible and visible alarms will be given.

The sampling pipes are part of the CO2 fire extinguishing system and special 3-way valves are fitted in each sampling pipe so that CO2 can be discharged in reverse direction through the pipes.

The Smoke Detector has been tested by DELTA Electronics Testing and found to comply with the requirements of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). TheSmoke Detector has also been tested by NEMKO and found to comply with the requirements for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Furthermore, the Smoke Detector is in compliance with the relevant IMO Rules and SOLAS Conventions.


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