Smoke Detector description

smoke detektor panel

The Smoke Detector is housed in a rigid aluminium cabinet, which is powder lacquered in a grey beige colour. The cabinet is equipped with an upper and a lower door, and a control and indicating panel is mounted in the upper door.

Behind the lower door you will find the Smoke Detection Unit and behind the upper door you will find the electronic main board and the contactors and termic relays for the Suction FanUnit.

The Smoke Detection Unit consists of one Common Smoke Chamber and one or two Separate Smoke Chambers with 15 sampling lines each. The air samples are led through both the Common and a Separate Smoke Chamber. In the Common Smoke Chamber smoke particles are detected using scattered light and in the Separate Smoke Chambers smoke particles are detected using transmitted light. In this way false alarms are eliminated and the fail-safe ratio is increased significantly. An airflow sensitive flap is placed in the air stream of each Separate Smoke Chamber. The green side of the flap will be visible if there is adequate airflow and the red side of the flap will be visible if the airflow is too low.

The electronic main board accommodates the microprocessor and all the other necessary components for controlling the Smoke Detector. The board and its surroundings are designed for maximum performance combined with maximum immunity to and minimum emission of electrical noise (EMC).

The Suction Fan Unit itself consists of to identical fans mounted in series for fail-safe operation of the Smoke Detector.

Two optional Remote Panels can be connected to the Smoke Detector for remote control and indication.

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