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Scantec was founded in 1971 by John S. Arntsen and situated in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

John wanted to make high quality smoke detectors for cargo holds onboard ships using a very special optical detector he had developed.

John had been working with sample extraction smoke detection systems in one of Norway's leading companies within this area in the sixties.

In 1971 he launched his first cargo hold smoke detector ST-710 and was the first manufacturer of a such a detector to be granted a type approval certificate - this first certificate was issued by Det Norske Veritas.

The smoke detector ST-710 became so popular that is was manufactured until 1995, where the last one was sold to a Norwegian company.

In 1990 Scantec developed its first computer based system ST-900 and in 1993 this system was further improved and renamed ST-930. Both these systems were based on high quality PLC-components for industry use.
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In 1995 Scantec decided to develop its own computer based platform for the next generation of smoke detectors and in 1996 the first version of the ST-960 detector was introduced.

In 1999 the Smoke Detector ST-960 was improved to meet the more rigorous EMC requirements for equipment onboard ships. Furthermore, new functions were added to meet the new requirement for computer based fire alarm systems.

In January 2002 Scantec moved from Oslo to Lofoten in the northern part of Norway.

In august 2016 Scantec moved the Production of ST960 to new facilitys at Nøtterøy south of Oslo.

In Maj 2020 Scantec moved Head Office from Lofoten to Oslo

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