Don't miss the Advantages of Smoke Detector ST-960


  • Two independent smoke detection methods are used elimination false alarms and increasing the fail-safe ratio significantly.
  • The smoke sensitivity is high and fulfils SOLAS Regulation 13-1.
  • The detectors make a self-check every 60 seconds and if necessary adjust automatically the sensitivity for the actual line(s) as need to be readjusted. This is for compensate for dust/dirt and to maintain the highest smoke sensitivity.
  • During smoke alarm the actual smoke can also be observed through a glass cover.
  • Rigid aluminium cabinet with doors for easy assessment of detector parts.
  • Optical detectors for all separate channels and common chamber with high quality components engineered for long lifetime also on spare parts.
  • Smoke alarms have the highest priority.
  • Self monitoring with regard to maintenance and cleaning.
  • Easy cleaning by means of a moistened soft cloth in less than 2 minutes gives very low mainenance cost and use of time.
  • Alarm messages in clear text on large display.
  • Customer information can be included in the alarm messages for easy location.
  • Date and time information are logged with each alarm to ease the fire investigation.
  • Alarm messages are logged.
  • Up to 30 detector lines in one single cabinet for minimum space requirements.
  • Tested by Force Technology, NEMKO and PreSafe
  • DVN/GL, ABS, MED-Wheel B, US Coast Guard, RS, and approved by PreSafe.

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